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I set out on a trip to HP40 over the holidays to be met with rain, thunderstorms, snow and cold. Fantastic!

Just posted a little video about how to wash  your climbing shoes!  Check it out!

Here it is, check out the recap video and blog post from my latest trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia! 

Halifax Trip 2012 

It all started kinda rocky with Shannon and I missing our flight to Halifax and having to take the next flight.  No big deal I guess, at least we both got there in one piece.  First stop Clearwater at the airport for lobsters.  It’s pretty neat cause they also make “flight safe” carry on packages for the plane ride back.

Our car was super pimp.  Touchscreens everywhere, LCDs everywhere, it’s a shame cause we were about to destroy the car.  We didn’t really bring any cooking supplies to Halifax cause the plane doesn’t really like you bringing fuel and stoves, so we went to good ol’ Walmart to “Borrow” a bunch of stoves and such.

After that it was a quick stop at the liquor store, and then off to camp at Polly’s Cove.  First night was awesome.  I mean, we couldn’t be more classier.  Wine… Lobsters… on my lap.  Perfect.

We were fortunate to get in a night session or two along the way, but we were plagued with constant spitting of rain and even downpours.  By the time we got onto the island, a lot of the hard problems were soaked and were dripping with water.  Oh well, that’s Halifax for you I guess.

Oh ya, I had forgotten that Halifax rock is really fregan sharp.  It’s not really something you want to slip on.  It’s pretty easy to avoid getting gashed up I guess; just don’t slip.  Unfortunately I decided to chest bump the wall a couple times after trying some “tall person beta”.  Uh… reality check… I’m short.

I also got a chance to try Optimus Prime V6.  I had always been kinda afraid of the problem due to the fact that there’s a nice wading pool you can land in if you fall.  I was told you don’t land in it so I decided to give it a go.  I have no idea what the beta was and what I was throwing for… and yes I landed in the water… boooooo.

After coming back from the island the first time, we met up with a bunch of friends that also came from toronto.  Of course, we headed over to the ol’ lobster shack by Peggy’s Cove (Ryer’s Lobsters) and bought some more lobsters.  Lobster dinner number two! 

Oh, it kept on raining… fun times.  We kept on climbing though the rain.  We decided to go to Chebucto to hopefully avoid the rain.  I guess our thought was that if we went 1 hour away, maybe it would be drier.  It wasn’t…

At Chebucto, it was again spitting.  And as a bonus it was super foggy.  The fun prize that came with the fog was that the lighthouse decides to sound off this fog horn every 20 seconds to warn boats… and deafen us at the same time. 

I wanted to take a look at 4AM, but that’s hard dry… so we tried Tough Sailors V7.  It was really really wet and just getting wetter.  After Tim painted the rock with chalk, we gave it a couple tries.  None of us succeeded and we just ended up getting soaked with the rain.  Oh well… off to drinking!

We all went to the Lower Deck the next day to hear Signal Hill and a rest day after climbing.  Signal Hill in my opinion is one of the best bands there is in Halifax.  Definitely must see if you haven’t yet. 

After a wet week, the day had come for Boulderfest, and we all got up early and drove to West Dover to take the ferry over.  We got there pretty early to avoid the rush, and after a brief ride on a boat and a lot of gear hauling, we were setup and off to climb on the island.

I warmed up a bit in the wave area (as the warmup area was kinda a zoo).  I finally got on bulldog V6 and sent it.  It took me a while to get used to the swing of things (litterally) but I was kinda glad I finally put it down.  I did it again in the night just for warmup too.

The project of the trip I guess for me was White Trash V8.  It had looked really cool last year, but I had never gotten to try it.  After listening to all the beta for it I thought to myself, “this is the most rediculous beta ever”.  And after trying it, it’s like every move doesn’t really seem to make sense at all, but it just goes.  Really cool problem but super super beta intensive.

It took me probably 10 or so tries but I ended up sending it.  Whew!  Oh, there’s also a V1 topout that you have to get through after pulling the crux… perfect (I almost fell).

I also gave Community Service V9 a try, but at that point I was pretty gassed and my skin wasn’t growing back anytime soon.  Oh well, you have to leave something for next time I guess.

That wraps up another Halifax trip!  Next stop HP40?

This sendage climbing site is pretty cool.  I’ll probably fill in as much as I can remember tonight. 

Missing my wheel set from the shop. Almost done!

Missing my wheel set from the shop. Almost done!

Sweet. Two pieces of my new bike came in! 2 more pieces to go!

Sweet. Two pieces of my new bike came in! 2 more pieces to go!

Just booked my Ticket to go back to Halifax for Boulderfest!  Check out the video from last year.  This is going to be amazing!

Sponsor me for the Ride for Heart 2012!

Hey guys,

I’m riding for the Ride for Heart again this year to help fund raise for Heart and Stroke research that will hopefully help those in need. Click below to donate!